We work with businesses and schools to build capacity in language and employability skills.

Developing skills for life and work

'Employers and schools need to develop strong two way partnerships – partnerships that deliver improvements to teaching and learning and bring real-life context into the classroom.'

Developing the Young Workforce (Scottish Government, 2014)

Scottish Languages Employability Award

Developing language skills for the world of work

The Scottish Languages Employability Award (SLEA) is awarded by SCILT. It helps schools and businesses to build partnerships through languages in order to develop young people’s learning about the world of work and the value of language skills.

The SLEA has developed out of the highly successful Business Language Champions (BLC) scheme. BLC Case Studies are available below. Schools and businesses can use these as replicable ideas for projects.

The next deadlines for submissions are:

  • Friday 17 January 2020
  • Friday 15 May 2020

Get Involved

The SLEA can be achieved at an initial three levels, with a fourth level for partnerships who achieve continued innovation. On successfully achieving a Scottish Languages Employability Award, schools and their partner organisations are awarded certificates for display and entitled to display the Scottish Languages Employability Award logo from the date of the confirmation of the award, for a period of two academic years. 


Download The Scottish Languages Employability Award Guidelines for full criteria and further guidance on achieving the Award.

Luchdaich a-nuas Acainn Duais Fastadh Cànainean na h-Alba airson a h-uile slatan-tomhais agus stiùireadh a bharrachd mu dheidhinn cosnadh na Duaise.

The Scottish Languages Employablity Award was developed and implemented with support from Bord na Gaidhlig and Gaelic Language Act Implementation Funding.

Bha Duais Fastadh Cànainean na h-Alba air a leasachadh agus ga toirt gu buil le taic-airgid o Bhòrd na Gàidhlig agus GLAIF (Gaelic Language Act Implementation Funding).



The aims of the Scottish Languages Employability Award are as follows

  • Prepare young people for the world of work and help them to move successfully into the workforce
  • Promote a positive awareness of businesses and organisations in their communities
  • Gain fresh perspectives from young people
  • Develop corporate social responsibility activities in an innovative way
  • Harness and develop employees’ and volunteers’ language skills
  • Raise awareness of the importance of languages for our economy and society

Here are some suggested activities that businesses could organise with schools towards gaining an Award:

  • Talks to schools about how languages are important to the business or organisation
  • Student and teacher visits to the business or organisation to see languages in action
  • Provision of language mentors to support students in a local school or schools
  • Development of employability projects for students in target languages
  • Visits to business or organisation premises in Scotland
  • Access to company/organisation resources and documents in target languages
  • Any other activities which the school and their partner businesses and organisations feel will benefit both parties within the context of the Award.

A business-school partnership can involve more than one school and/or more than one business or organisation.

BLC case studies

BLC projects demonstrate how a partnership between a school and a local business can deliver on Developing the Young Workforce and the National Improvement Framework, as well as build crucial partnerships outlined in HGIOS 4.

Support for schools organising business and language promotional events or projects

DYW toolkit for schools
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