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Düsseldorf, Germany

This partner-finding event will bring teachers from the UK and North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) together to set up new school partnerships and discuss future partnership projects with a focus on ‘Skills for the Global Workplace’. Teachers will have the chance to take part in partnership development workshops, group discussions and excursions, including a visit to the Christmas markets.

The funded opportunity is open to teachers at secondary schools and colleges in the UK.

Application deadline: 1 November 2021.

Visit the website for more information and to apply.

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From Thursday 2 to Sunday 5 December Bethlehem Cultural Festival shines a light on the arts, culture and heritage of Palestine and the Mediterranean with live events in London and Glasgow as well as an online programme for global audiences.  

Bethlehem Cultural Festival puts the rich historic culture and artistic output of the region centre stage, through discussion, food, heritage, dance, film, theatre and music. It shows a region thriving with positive energy and creativity, continuing the long heritage of many generations. Now in its second year, the Festival brings together celebrated artists, renowned expert speakers and cultural leaders for four days of joyous celebration.

Visit the website for full details and tickets.

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Hot off the heels of COP26, SCILT, in partnership with Falkirk Council, will be hosting an online event to launch an exciting cross-channel collaborative venture with l’Académie de Créteil in France, promoting Learning for Sustainability with French in the primary school.

The event will take place on MS Teams on Tuesday 7 December at 4pm – 5pm and will feature a short film to showcase examples of the work that Falkirk schools have accomplished previously on this topic, including comments from all partners involved. There will be a Q&A session where participants will have the opportunity to chat with colleagues in Falkirk, who will be involved in this project. This event is open to primary school teachers and SLT members, Development Officers and QIOs.

This collaborative venture, postponed from last year due to the pandemic, aims to explore the importance of Learning for Sustainability within the curriculum in which languages can play a significant part, both in Scotland and France. It will focus on pupils aged 9-11 in schools across both countries where they will have the opportunity to develop their linguistic skills in the target language through the lens of Learning for Sustainability.

Visit the website to register. Deadline: Sunday 5 December. 

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Language World is the annual conference and training event of the Association for Language Learning. It is a highlight of the year for languages education and attracts hundreds of participants each day from across all sectors of education including primary and secondary schools as well as universities.

The theme of Language World 2022 is “Language learning for social justice”.

For many children and young people, socioeconomic inequity and its impact on remote learning during the Covid-related school closures will have exacerbated the poverty related attainment gap. Even prior to the pandemic, we know from Language Trends and British Council reports (Collen, 2020; Mills & Tinsley, 2020) that boys and disadvantaged learners are least likely to study a language at GCSE.  

In addition, Global migration has increased the number of EAL learners in our schools who need to overcome disadvantage through language education. Social justice is not something that can be brought about by an individual, it needs a community and gatherings such as our conference to make a difference. We invite teachers, teacher educators, and researchers to join us in sharing ideas and best practice on how to encourage uptake at GCSE and beyond through a rich and engaging language curriculum which will improve language education for all and level up opportunities and outcomes for our learners.

Visit the website for more information and to register for the event.

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