Languages in S1-S3

Promoting languages

"Learning another language not only opens up employment opportunities in other countries, but it also gives you a bit of kudos with the people who speak that language."

- Jim Fleeting, Scottish Football Association

Developing the Young Workforce

Promotional films

Our series of short films demonstrate the value of languages in a variety of sectors. Contributors include Judy Murray and Jim Fleeting from the Scottish Football Association. 


To complement this resource, our Toolkit will support schools in organising their own business and language promotional events and projects:

  • careers fairs
  • promotional talks
  • partnerships between schools and local businesses

Job profiles

Our Job Profiles provide relevant, labour-market focused career advice on languages, direct from the workplace.

I use French on a daily basis. I'm amazed how much languages have had an influence on my life.

- Rhona Crofts, Michelin Tyres



Languages in a nutshell

Languages in a nutshell explains how the 1+2 Approach will be put into practice and why learning other languages is so important. It also suggests ways parents can support their child’s language learning.

Produced by SCILT in partnership with The National Parent Forum of Scotland.

Further materials from SCILT

Our leaflets support teachers and schools in engaging with parents to reinforce the benefits of learning a language. These leaflets also enable practitioners to make the case for languages to colleagues and senior management. 


Promotional postcards

These postcards, designed by pupils in Scotland, demonstrate why languages are important. A useful tool for rewarding and motivating your learners.


Resources from our partners

'I love languages - do you?' Fun quiz for young language learners.

Top ten reasons for studying languages 

Languages at work Two films looking at languages in communication and business. Supplemented by further resources.

Take on a Language! Animated video.

Why study languages Designed to excite, educate and encourage young people to continue with their language learning.

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