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St Mary's Primary

School: St Mary's Primary, Stirling Council
Project: St Mary's in partnership with Bannockburn House
Level: Silver
Date: November 2019

The partnership was based on the following Big Questions:

  • How can language skills be used in the workplace?
  • Why might Bannockburn House attract French visitors?
  • How are Bonnie Prince Charlie and Bannockburn House connected?
  • What key information might help a French visitor who speaks no English enjoy Bannockburn House?
  • How do you say welcome phrases in French?
  • How do you say room names and directions in French?
  • How do you say simple Bannockburn House facts in French?

The following activities took place:

  • Researching the history of Bannockburn House and its links with Bonnie Prince Charlie and France.
  • Discussing the value of knowing a second language and its use in the tourist industry.
  • Creating room and direction signs for Bannockburn House in French.
  • Creating maps, podcasts and Apple Clip recordings in both French and English.
  • Practising simple greetings in French.
  • Taking on the role of a Tour Guide to welcome French visitors to Bannockburn House.

See the video pupils prepared about their project.

This is a very good submission and an example of a strong Silver Award. There is a lot of evidence of innovation in the use of ICT (including Apple Clips) and of learners being involved in their learning. There were good examples of planning and linking towards Developing the Young Workforce and Curriculum for Excelllence as well as the practical application of Languages in an employability setting. The learner feedback showed that there was a culture of languages being more valued within the school. However, despite the richness of the project, which focused on P4-5 with the input of language ambassadors in P7, it was felt that it may have been slightly restricted in its scope in terms of reaching more of the learners in the school in P7. Examples of other language-related projects within the school and the long-term continuation of this project would both be conducive towards achieving a Gold Award in future and, as a pilot school for the Award, St Mary’s Bannockburn can be commended for its efforts in bringing this project to fruition in partnership with Bannockburn House.

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